Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm not the only one who makes BBF Music

My people!  
I hope you all are doing wonderfully!!  Enjoying everyday you have to live on this Earth.

Oh, don't mind me as I nibble on this strawberry.  
I'm just enjoying Nature's skittles over here. 
By the way, they're soooo much better.

I had such an itch to share this post today.  I just love being exposed to creativity, especially in music and lyricism.  I love the way people can use words to construct amazingness that pierces your soul and your consciousness.  I got an e-mail from my friend the other day who shared with me a recent music video that was created by Andrew McFarlane, an actor I remembered from the show, My Wife and Kids.  It's quite clear he is no longer goofy teenage Tony but is serious about enlightening the masses about reality.  The reality that what we eat is that important.  He doesn't seem to be playing games.  My man has four careers: a social entrepreneur, a health coach, a yoga instructor and a speaker as it says on his website.  Well, watching his video brought to my mind all the creative musical amazingness I have seen in the past dedicated to making folk aware of bangin' bird food and it's amazingness.  Some are so high on the creative level.  The most recent of which that I've found is called Food Fight, a video by Earth Amplified feat Stic.Man. of Dead Prez.  It's so G! Soooooo G! Straight impressive in lyricism and the visual concept of the video.  Check 'em out!

1.  FOOD FIGHT - Saving Kids from Processed Food - Earth Amplified feat Stic. Man of Dead Prez
This one takes the cake.  Lyrical magicians and they are dropping knowledge.

2.  Andrew McFarlane - CHI THANG.  
He stacks kale!  Haha.  I love that part.  It's a really catchy tune and good message.  Eat your veggies!

3.  MACKA B - Wha Me Eat.
I have to rep my people.  So skilled we are!  :)   PETA actually used it for one of their promotional videos.    The hook is so catchy.  One listen and you're done.  In your head allllllll day.  I love the last part of the song, "No deadas".....meaning empress (Me) no deal wid Babylon dead flesh 'round here.  That's Jamaicans for you.  Literal as they come.  Love my people!

4.  Be Healthy - Dead Prez
More from the lyrical magicians.  

5.  Song A Day #810 - Vegan Myths Debunked - Jonathan Mann and Ivory King.

It's quite a cute song.  I liked it.

6.  High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet Lifestyle - Axxess
I stumbled onto this one.  It's a different kind of creative and I like a different creative.  Everyone can't and should not be the same..............and it's so daggone catchy.  

High.   Carb.   Low-fat.   Vegan.   Lifestyle.   High.   Carb.  
 Low-fat.   Vegan.    Lifestyle.   Baby. 

7.  Bangin' Bird Food - MGD
And last but not least, yours truly.  
Sadly, I was on that low budget level but you can't say I don't have heart to put it out.  Hoping to inspire, one listening ear at a time.  :)

I'm currently in the studio.  I sound kinda legit with that.  Haha.  Garage Band (studio) is actually legit though, so I can't even downplay it.  That's what made this. I'd like to share more of this in the future, so stay tuned.  

Thank you for reading.  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be healthy and happy.  Ciao!

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