Sunday, November 11, 2012

Word's Still Getting Out (One)

The word is continuing to spread and more people are starting to think about how to better care for their bodies.  Many may say that this is just a Hollywood trend.  I can understand that.  You know once someone in Hollywood starts something others are soon bound to follow even if it doesn't seem to be the most logical thing to do.  Being vegetarian/vegan is just the new thing, right?
Uh uh uuuh.  I don't think so.  These are real folks making real changes.  

It seems that every individual who has decided to add more green goodness to their lives has done so primarily for the health benefits if not solely.  The benefits are supported by research, statistical data, dietary guidelinesmere observations and anecdotes.  From Rosie O'Donell to Chaka Khan, the Word's Getting Out!

Rosie O'Donell recently revealed her shift to bangin' bird food life.  She tweeted earlier this summer in August of her nine pound weight loss just nine-days into her new diet.  This change was in response to Ms. O'Donnell suffering from a heart attack known as the widow-maker (being in med school gives me the great privilege of knowing exactly which artery has been blessed with that name).  Her left descending artery (there's the answer!) was 99% blocked!  Poor babe!  I'm so glad that she immediately took action to take back her health.  Read more about it here.

You know I had to choose this one! 

Chaka Khan recently decided to adopt a bangin' bird food lifestyle after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  She gave all the details in this HuffPost article earlier this year.  In response to a question about her weight loss, she describes exactly why she made the shift:  

             "My weight loss had to occur, because I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and I also had high blood pressure. And I’ve been on medication for that since last year until the beginning of this year. And I ended up going, “Oh, no, no, no, no, this is enough. I can’t live like this.” And I have a new little daughter to raise [my granddaughter], I adopted her so I have to be here. ... [She] was really my first and major influence to lose weight and get healthy so I can be here for her. What I did was stopped eating and went on a strict unconditional fast for a couple of months. And went off meat, became vegan, stopped all the dairy, stopped all the meat."

I was actually surprised by this next person.  Gimme a sec.  Let me just call up Ludacris so that I can pronounce this name right.  "You make me wanna leave the one I'm with and start a new relationship with you, this is what you do".   Urrrrshher (Thanks Luda!) was quite obviously talking about banging bird food!  C'mon nowww.  RadarOnline was the first to report this new life change and detailed that Usher was even encouraging his protege, Justin Beiber, to give it a try!  Encouraging the young ones.....I support!

The hilarious comedian Ben Stiller is another newbie to the bangin' bird food life.  He recently announced on Conan that he made some recent dietary changes which included adopting, for the most part, a plant-filled lifestyle and dropping coffee.  He's not as excited as I am about this life but he made the change for a reason, right?  Plus, I aim to be an unbiased reporter.  Facts are facts and opinions are opinions.  For some, it a can be a little more difficult to make the change.  I found the video in an article about World Vegetarian Day 2012

Fran Dresher in a recent article attributed her new figure, new found energy and clear skin to dropping alcohol and picking up the plants.  She said, "And so I cut out that went and I became gluten-free and vegan."  

Looks like the word is still getting out and that this Hollywood trend may end up not being a trend after all.  

Thank you for reading.  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be healthy and happy.  Ciao!

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