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This is focused MGD
The simplified version:  

I just want you to be healthy and happy. Ya dig!

The WELL-detailed version:  

My blog has three purposes: to Educate, to Inspire, to Connect.  I've designed it to operate as a bit of a hybrid between a website and a blog.  I love this feature because it allows people to find good information that won't need to be updated as well as good information that is current with the times.

I'm gonna be serious on this one my people.  This ain't no joke right here.  A serious ting dis. :)  But seriously.

Photo Credit: AL-OFQ

1.  I believe that Knowledge is Power. Tons of it.  Why?  Well, yes, knowledge allows you to do all the cliches: broaden your thinking, expand you mind, stretch your brain.  Those are most definitely true but the most important thing I believe it does it to allow you to be able to critically assess everything around you so that you can make the BEST decisions for yourself and live the life you have truly chosen in your heart to live.  That is freedom and that is priceless.  So I am incredibly passionate about exposing people to the information that I have learned.  I'm a knowledge addict so the blog is basically an online manifestation of my own method of truth-seeking.   I consumed all forms of information and media: books, articles, blogs, interviews, documentaries, videos, sound bites, video clips, pictures, tweets, Facebook posts and anything else that would help me to see what made practical sense.  The way in which I design the posts is how I would consolidate the information in my own brain.  I believe all of that information allowed me to make one of the most significant decisions in my life.  Adopting a plant-based diet has improved my life by a factor of infinity because the benefits are limitless.  I want everyone to experience the joy, well-being and peace that I do.  If you don't have the information, you can't make a well-informed decision.  I really want to help with that and provide as many folks as I can with the information they need to make the best decisions for their lives.

Photo Credit: Marsha-Gail Davis

2.   I know that everyone is concerned about their health.  Who wouldn't be?  Health is one of the most important, if not THE most important, things we have on this earth.  If you don't have your health, you don't have anything!  It's basically the limiting factor in our life reaction.  

Mind + Body + Soul => Life  

Everything else rides on it.  So how do we preserve and protect this health?  We have to give our body what it needs to function at optimal level.  I believe that the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water from plants give us just that.  If you look at the state of health at this point in time, it is looking more than dreary.  America is looking sickly and unnecessarily so at that.  67% of all Americans are overweight and the majority suffer from preventable diseases.  Whyyyyyy?.....when we have so many resources.   Why are Twinkies cheaper than carrots?  Why is the government working tirelessly to subsidize meat over vegetables?  Why are some communities more prone to sickness than others? So many people are realizing the state of food in this country and how it has been shaped by self-interests, politics and, most of all, money.  The interest in people and their well-being just doesn't seem to be there.  It's not right and too many people just don't know the facts about it.  I simply want to inspire others to try something they have never tried before that is proven to help them live a way they haven't before.  You'll be living the good life.  Trust me on this! :)

3.  I want to really connect with EVERYONE on this planet: all people.  At the rate we are going, the next generation won't even be close to the average life span of the current one.  That is so crazy!  The first generation to die younger than the one that preceded it?  Whoa!          Period.
We should be making progress in all aspects of society, not just industrially, technologically and economically.  There can also be a bit of hesitation when a plant-based diet, veganism, bird food eating.....whatever you prefer to call it, comes to mind.  Part of it is fear from ignorance and part of it is what is deemed socially acceptable.  I want to break through that and make this way of life as universal, sustainable, embracing and BANGIN' as possible. Aiiight!

Thank you for reading!  My people, I appreciate you all SO much.  You are Bangin'!   Be HEALTHY and HAPPY!  Ciao!

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  1. This was a good read! I am a man. I consider myself Vegan/Vegetarian. I connected with this on so many levels. You're articulate and spreading good energy. Thank you my beautiful Queen. :)