Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4 Day Juice Fast: Day Three

Wadup, my people!  

Forgive me that these posts are not following order in terms of being posted consecutively.  A girl's got places to go, people to see and mouths to feed.  I don't actually have children but I stay cooking and feeding folk.  I appreciate you much though, so here we go.

Today I had two juices again.  I started with a green and then had the orange.  These were fairly similar to the ones I had on the prior day.  

Green Juice

1 Cucumber
7-8 leaves of Lettuce
1/3 cup of Ginger
1/4 of Honeydew
2 Apples

All ingredients were juiced except for the lettuce, which was blended.

Orange Juice

1 Peach
1/3 of a Paw Paw (Papaya)
2 Apples
7-8 Carrots
2 tbsp of Ginger

I actually blended the paw paw this time and added it to the other juiced ingredients.


1 seconds after.  I know.  Just too excited. 

Mental Status: Feeling tired today.  Not what I was expecting but then again when you are conned into doing yard work as soon as you wake up and throughout the whole day on a stomach filled with juice, this may possibly be something that could be expected.   My mama likes to make sure my services are used thoroughly when I come home to visit.  The plight of offspring.  Haha.  

Also, as a note for anyone doing a fast ------> Do not go to bed at all kinds of late hours consecutively.  It counters the benefits for sure.  You will still benefit but not to the highest degree that you could, in my opinion.   I have to say I am doing the most right now as I have been "late nighting" it a little too much for my liking.  

Physical Status:  My mother commented on the brightness of my skin today so my juice fast is doing it's thing.  People usually describe seeing changes or effects of the fast by Day Three.  I'm so about that glow!! That's natural makeup right there.

I also had a smoothie later of water, blueberries and banana.  Technically, it's not a juice but I don't think it took away from any cleansing.  No biggie.

Come join me and get your juice fast on, my people!

Thank you for reading!  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be happy and healthy.  Ciao!


  1. A couple questions, Marsha-Gail! 1) What's the difference between a juice and a smoothie? Is a smoothie just fruits? 2) How do you decide what to juice and what to blend when you make your juices? 3) Were you ever actually hungry during your fast?

  2. Hey Andrew! Thank you for the question!
    A juice has the insoluble fiber extracted in someway. This is the "trash" that ends up in the juice machine bucket while a smoothie simple blends everything together into a liquid. The juice will have much less fiber than the smoothie.

    A smoothie doesn't have to just have fruits. I have made smoothies with vegetables as well. A smoothie is anything blended smooth into a liquid. For example, a smoothie of celery, apple, pineapple and kale
    is one of my favorites.

    When I am deciding between what to blend and what to juice I am looking at the rigidity of the vegetable. Lettuce is very easily chewed compared to carrots which take a lot of mouth work, so I would more likely blend the lettuce and juice the carrots.

    Lastly, you can become hungry on a juice fast but the truth is, its like any other day when you get hungry but more frequently because most of what you are eating lacks the fiber that helps to keep you full. I find that mindset plays a large role here so much that if you are constantly thinking about food, you will be hungry through the entire experience. The key is drinking juices when you get hungry and also drinking lots of water. I hope that was helpful!

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