Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day Juice Fast: Day Four

The end has come!  

The last day of my juice fast, my people, and today's juicing experience was just BEAUTIFUL!   I mean the colors of all the veggies and fruits were so gorgeous.  I was all over the photography.  Nature is so impressive, so very impressive.  Basquiat, Walker, Picasso, Kahlo, Van Gogh and Rivera......Ain't. Got. Nothing.......

Rainbow Juice

3 Yellow Squash
3 Zucchini
1 carton of Strawberries
1 Apple
1/4 cup of Ginger

How gorgeous is this!

Doing it's own art.

I let the juice settle a bit.....


So it smells goods......

....and it looks good..... it must taste good.  

So bangin'.

Red Juice

2 Oranges
5 Plum tomatoes
1 carton of Strawberries
2 Red Peppers
1 Nectarine

I should just frame this.

Oh Oh Oh :)

Living the Good Life!

Mental Status: Feeling less tired today but I know I should be feeling more energetic.  Again, I repeat my admonition to juicers------> Do not go to bed at all kinds of late hours consecutively.  When I do other types of fasts, like just raw fruits and veggies, and I sleep as I should, I'm feeling lively but I compromised this one quite a bit with my sleeping habits at the mo.  Even my G (grandma) was like, "you need to calm down with that".  Jamaican grandmothers are seriously the best.  I cannot keep a straight face whenever I am talking to that lady.  Jamaicans in general are also very direct people.  We tell it like it is, as it is, what it is......we just don't see the need to beat around the bush.    So in response to observing me on this interesting undertaking I was involving myself in, my G says to me, "You wilting down to nothing.  You getting too small, man.  You need to stop this now".  Mind you, I expected to lose some lbs, even with just being on the fast for a little more than half a week.  So she was noticing that but was also talking about the weight loss that results from just eating plants (I'm my high school weight) and addressed this in only the wonderful way she can.  I assured her that today was the last day and with that she responded.  "Mi so glad seh dis a di las day yuh a do dis yah fast business" she was shaking her head.  Translation = "I am so glad that today is the last day of this fasting thing you are doing."  I was cracking up, which made her crack up and that had us both cracking up.  Now you can see why I absolutely love this lady.

Physical Status:  My skin is looking great though.  I got that glow, man, I got that glow.  My stomach also feels very light and relaxed.  I do have to note that when drinking juices, you should drink them slowly.  Drinking them too quickly can lead to some indigestion, so take your time.

I had another smoothie after the juices of water, strawberries and banana.  I blended it until it was super smooth, making easy for digestion.  

Breaking the fast:  There are a lot of recommendations out there on how to break a fast properly.  This is actually really important because people can find themselves in the hospital if they decided that breaking the fast could only be done right with a nice sirloin steak.  Uh uh!  That's a no no, unless you like excruciating pain.  I mean I don't know.   Some folk might be about that masochist lifestyle.  I know I'm not, however, and you are probably not either.  But cautious here.

I broke the fast with fresh fruits and a handful of nuts and later I had a pureed pumpkin and potato soup.  I was fine.  Since I eat plants all day and I had the two smoothies, I didn't have that much to work up to in terms of transiting back to my diet.  It may take a bit longer if I were working back to meat and dairy.  The next day I had some waffles with lots of fresh fruits and rice with tofu.  I didn't have any beans until Day Three or Four.  They say transitioning should be half the time of your fast, so mine was about two days.  

I hope you enjoyed following my juice fast and it gave you some inspiration and ideas of your own.  

Thank you for reading!  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be happy and healthy.  Ciao!

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