That's spinach guys, not leaves :)
So why the title Bangin' Bird Food?  Well, there is a little story behind it.  It's a short and sweet one.  You reaaaaaaady? Ok!

So, I've always been fascinated by health and obtaining the most optimal level of it since forever.  You only have one body, so I just want mine to work as it is supposed to until the day I die.  I mean show me someone who doesn't want that.  That's every human.  It started in high-school when I gradually began changing my diet on my own after my mom began making some changes to food options in the house (buying whole wheat bread instead of white and fewer snacks).  I'm a free spirit so I've always kind of done my own thing.

I think this has free spirit written all over it.     :)

Yes, I had a faux hawk during high school.  Loved it.

Wearing a meticulously prepared ensemble while globetrotting in Costa Rica 
I started to realize this right here: Health is Wealth.  Tried?..................Yes. BUT is it TRUE?....................Oh Yeah!  I just wanted to be healthy so I started opting for fruit over Cheez-it when packing my lunch for school, making time to exercise even though track, soccer and basketball seasons were over and guzzled water.  That desire to experience great health till death decides to hangout with me forever has led me to come to the profound truth that "You are what you eat".  Why wouldn't you be?  Isn't the food you eat then digested in your body and used to build you up again and help you live life?

I believe that food can be the deciding factor between whether you are merely surviving or thriving.  I continued making changes until I got to college where I really got into it.  Homemade granola, vegan bar at the cafeteria, soy milk all day, everyday.  My friends could tell you STORIES of my plates full of salad at dinner and offerings of freshly blended smoothies on the dorm hall.  Then after that..............................................I wasn't playing around.  After graduation, I just started researching about the food we eat.  Lots of great books, documentaries, articles, blogs, videos and websites contributed to this.  My people, reading is MOST DEFINITELY fundamental, and knowledge is MOST DEFINITELY power.  Naturally, it just seemed like a logical decision when you look at food on a physical, mental, social, spiritual and economic level.  What I want to point out here is how it was a gradual process.  I didn't do it overnight because you really have to change how you look at food first.  Ask Ellen!

What's amazing is how this aspect of our lives is so integral to our existence.   Yo, MGD, you're sounding real ethereal right now and you still haven't explained what's up with the name?

Oooooook, Daaaaag!  Can a woman share a little about her life story?  Can I feel important for like two pages?

But seriously.  I appreciate you so much for reading up to this point; I really do.  :)

On many occasions during my college years, one of my best friends would add her naturally witty commentary of my choice of nourishment.  It went like this.  I would be eating some granola, eating spinach leaves or some plant life and she would look and just shake her head and say, "Just love that bird food dontcha," or I would ask if she wanted to try something I made and something like this would follow, "Marsha, I am not down with your bird food.  I'm not trying to have digestion problems right now".  Still cracks me up!  And like that, it stuck.  I mean, when you really think about it, that is exactly what I eat, if bird food constitutes nuts, seeds and a variety of other forms of vegetation.  Now, and this is CRUCIAL, what's special about the bird food I eat is that it's bangin'.  I mean BAAAAAANGIN"!!!!  I'm not even joking.  Sometimes I find myself wondering if life can really be this way. I mean I love what I eat because it is not only great for my body but it is ridiculous how daggone delicious it is!

One thing is that I love to eat.  I am one of those people that go to bed thinking about what I want to eat for breakfast.  It's intense but that's how I live.  Haha!  I have had a particularly strong affinity to food since a young age.  My mother could recount in detail how I would finish my food in a split-second and proceed to literally grab for myself the food my older sister (we are 2 years apart) was struggling to finish eating (she's never been much of an eater).  I go hard man, I go hard.  

The other thing is that whatever I eat, I want it to taste really good.  So naturally, these two factors have always been necessary for my happiness.  Now that I have reached a new level of that in being really happy about what I choose to place in my body, I must translate these two factors into this part of my life as well.  So you can process that I am a vegan but I really just like to say that I eat Bangin' Bird Food.  Translation = I eat very very very well on a plant-based diet.  And with my blog baby here, I just want to share what I have come to know with anyone and everyone.  This ranges from folk who are all about it with me..........or folk that are considering the change, but are not sure, or have no clue folk who think I may be a little off and breathing a special type of smoke-filled air with how excited I am about this.  Plants really gotchu that hype Marsha?  You heard that song?  They sure do and in due time, I hope they get you that hype too.  :)

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Thank you for reading.  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be healthy and happy.  Ciao!


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