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This section presents various topics related to living on a plant-based diet and is dedicated to providing information for those who seek to gain more knowledge about a plant-based lifestyle.  The posts serve to primarily inspire an interest in considering a shift to a plant-based diet as well as showcase books, articles, videos and other forms of information and media.  They aim is to provide readers with a plethora of information sources to make educated decisions and encourage the readers' independent search for more information.

1.  The China Study
2.  Not all Sweeteners are Equal
3.  The Harvard Meat Study
4.  Breaking a Sweat 
5.  Green Giant: Debunking the Myth of the Frail Vegan Man 
6.  From Average Man to Super Human
7.  Bangin' Bird Food = Bangin' Brain Food
8.  Plant love is growing all around
9.  Bangin' Bird Food makes you Mentally Strong and Mentally Well
10.  Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife, and Hid ya Husband
11.  I'm not the only on making BBF Music
12.  Well...It's looking like it's a wrap for Red Meat
13.  How I fix that cold
14.  What's killing us
15.  Natural makes everything healthy right?
16.  Original Gangsta bird food eaters

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