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Jermaine talks about bangin' bird food from the perspective of a fitness lover.  

1.  Tell us about your "bangin bird food" lifestyle.

I follow, as much as possible, (within a reason) a plant-based diet.  I started looking into it because of my interest in athletic hobbies, health and longevity.

2.  Did you have a light bulb moment when you decided, "Okay, I am making this change now"? If so, what was it?

I definitely did.  I was into sports/weight lifting since high school and I ate alot of meat and junk to gain more muscle.  It was making me look and feel unhealthy, so I switched and decided to be plant-based heavy in diet and healthier...not so much vegan or vegetarian, but healthy and strong without using dairy, meat or animal protein.

3.  Was it difficult to make the switch?

Nope! I sat down and bought a huge steak sandwich as my farewell and ate it and loved it, but I knew I wanted health and longevity, youthfulness, cancer-less health, so I leaped in proudly.

4.  What was the hardest food item to give up along the way?

OMG, PIZZA (crying)!! I have always been slim enough to eat pizza as much as I could handle so I never thought about giving it up, but what helped me was learning that dairy is not good for my body.   If I eat dairy now, within an hour.....HEADACHE. What made me give up pizza was learning about the pH diet/lifestyle, which basically teaches that plant-based foods in there whole food state and minimally processed are best to eat.  Plus...cheese is so acidic and the body doesn't like acidity, especially my own body.

5.  What sources of information (articles, books, videos, documentaries, blogs, etc) were helpful to you during the transition? was my main source.

6.  Was there anyone who particularly inspired you to make this lifestyle change?

Besides my mom, and my friends, I would have to say was motivating...and it takes years to build solid muscle even though you can drastically change your appearance in 3 months if you're a beginner/intermediate weight lifter, but for solid muscle, unless you are supernaturally high in testosterone or you "juice" aka use anabolic supplements intramuscular steroids/HGH or oral simply takes time, diet, nutrition, hard work and rest. Truth be told, animal protein is not essential and steroids come with a price and long-term issues.  Ahh-nold Schwarzenegger has a ton of money and can afford heart surgery, which he's had a couple times.  There's a place for steroids medically...for older people or sick people, sure.  Otherwise, I believe only professional experts (medical professionals, etc) should handle steroids.

7.  How did the switch affect you emotionally, mentally and physically?

I got healthier, biologically younger and my resting heart rate went from 61-63, down to 57 beats per minute which is what is considered excellent among 21 year-old college athletes. That amazed me because I was not playing sports and wasn't even exercising at all virtually and I was 24 at the time, a year older than when I started plant-based eating.  My memory improved a little as well.

8.  What was the single the greatest thing about becoming a "bangin' bird food" eater?

Not worrying about prostate cancer or heart disease.

9.  Has your "bangin' bird food" lifestyle had an effect on anyone around you?

My mom, my girlfriend, and lots of others.

10.  Did you ever struggle with what you thought people would think about your new lifestyle? If so, how did you overcome that?

I did a little because, many athletes believe animal protein is essential and most of my friends are athletes.  I dealt with it by searching for the truth and I have found that some people may need eggs, or some animals products in small quantities (buy organic if possible) but most people don't have food allergies and can live healthier on plant-based diets, hands down!

11.  How have you been able to maintain this lifestyle? Has it been easy or difficult?

Its been about three years and it can be difficult at times, no doubt about that, but one must decide what is best for their health.  I learned how to cook plant-based diets that are high in protein, high in good healthy fats, and carbs, minerals, as well as how to avoid processed junk.  I also learned about tofu...which is pretty controversial but if you use it sparingly and only use sprouted tofu or organic tofu, it can be easy, safe and delicious.

12.  Any restaurants you want to recommend? 

Asian and Mexican restaurants are very vegan friendly.

13.  What is your favorite bangin' bird food? 

Spoken as a true athlete: those which help me achieve my fitness goals.

Thank you Jermaine and thanks so much for reading!  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be happy and healthy.  Ciao!

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