Saturday, September 22, 2012

Garden in a Bowl

This is what I call a good ole' salad.  It has pretty much everything you would find in my kind of garden: lettuce, kale, carrots, spinach, red bell peppers, cucumbers, red onions, avocado, lemon and a variety of other plant life.  This is also an incredibly versatile salad.  Anything you want to put in, you put in and anything you want to leave out, you leave out.  If you don't like onions, add bell peppers instead.  Whateeeever you want to do.  Just keep the greens.  :)

This salad has two extremely complicated parts.  So listen carefully.
1.  Chopped, torn or sliced veggies
2.  A dressing



1 Avocado
juice of one lemon
1 tbsp of olive oil (optional)
1/4 cup water 
1 tsp sea salt

*There is some information out there supporting the avoidance of any processed fat.  Olive oil is included in this group.  I understand the thought process and the idea of focusing on foods that in addition to providing you with calories also provide you with adequate nutrition.  I like using olive oil but I don't use it everyday.   That works for me.  Now back to making this salad.


Kale (Green or Purple)
Carrots (I buy these organic because I taste a difference)
Red onions
Red bell peppers

Blend the above ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Set aside until salad veggies have been prepared.

The next step is to prep your veggies.  You can do it three ways:
1.  You can do what my uncle does and chop everything into small pieces so that they are easier to chew.  
2.  Or you can take the rustic route and just tear the leaves, slice the veggie into round chips (carrots and cucumbers) and throw everything together. 
3.  Or you can arrange it with some kind of artistic goal in mind as my mother taught me to do.  My mom is salad artist.  I will have to show you some of her work in the future.  Let's do this:

I chose option two and tore the leaves into bite-sized pieces.

Slice cucumbers, carrots and red bell peppers.  I always slice carrots on an angle very thinly so they have a nice shape and are easier to eat.

So beautiful! This makes me very happy.

Pour the dressing on to the veggies.

Mix together!  I find tongs work best.

My people, what did I say.....Garden in a Bowl.

............and then after I finish eating it, I will probably feel like this: "Golden".


Thank you for reading!  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be healthy and happy.  Ciao! 

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