Sunday, July 8, 2012

Word's Getting Out!

The word is MOST DEFINITELY getting out!  People are doing their research, gaining knowledge, engaging in discourse and beginning to realize what I have come to realize.  It's simple, my people, and it's truth.  Our bodies need the right nutrition to act right.   
When your body is acting right:
You have tons of energy.
You actually want to exercise.
You have more will power to break bad habits like smoking.  (Yep, It's documented.)
Your skin is not punking you.
Your intestines are not turning into what seems to be cement.
Your taste buds cause you to actually like the taste of veggies.
You think more clearly, at a higher capacity and prevent cognitive decline.  (Yep, it's documented.)  
You seriously feel ten times better and ten times happier.
Just considering observations,  I experience this all the time. 
Bangin Bird Food is the business.

Anywhos, this post series is PACKED with information, so let me get on with it.   :)

Here are just a few names (there are MANY more) that I have come across who have already either made a transition to a plant-based diet or are promoting the message.  These individuals include presidents, athletes, actors, musicians, physicians, TV and radio personalities and other pop-culture icons.  Majority of their responses about bird food eating were reactions to watching the documentary Forks Over KnivesForks Over Knives is, as Robert Ebert puts it, "a film that can save your life".  Maybe a few names is an understatement.

Check the Word's Getting Out sub-sections for the details on these folks.............................and if you really want to know how many celebrity folk have been impacted by this doc: Check Forks Over Knives's Celebrity Talk and this HuffPost article.

Note: The order of the categories has nothing do with an unconsciously established bias towards certain career paths.  Trust me.  I don't consider physicians to be less intelligent or less respected than athletes.......................................because I plan to be one.  :)

So.....................what have we learned here today: 

1.  Watch Forks Over Knives!
2.  Consider a plant-based diet!
3.  Reap the rewards of your excellent decision-making skills!

Thank you for reading.  My people, I appreciate you all so much.  Be healthy and happy.  Ciao!

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